A hacking attack occurs every 39 seconds

There have been various research studies conducted around the world. By universities, professionals of the IT field, and analysts. That every 39 seconds there occurs a cyber attack.

The non-secure usernames and passwords pose the greatest threat and aid cyber attacks. If your device remains connected with the internet, then it is more likely that you would fall, the victim. But can you dodge these breaches yourself without any added help? The answer is not so much. You must have a few software systems guarding your interest on the internet.

Vulnerable passwords are like oil to the fire when it comes to these ongoing breaches. That is why professionals advise having complex and longer passwords. It will ensure great strength for your password so it can withstand the attack. Every 39 seconds an attacker is trying to manipulate the security of an enterprise or a set target.

In movies around hacking, those hackers portray to have personal grudges. Either against their target individuals or companies. And thus try to infiltrate their network systems to extract information. This could be the user’s personal information or their financial records. OR other important corporate data that is sensitive and must remain hidden.

But in reality, according to the professionals, these hackers have automated scripts. These have some intelligent coding that scans thousands of computers every minute. All them stay connected with internet to find vulnerabilities and exploits those weak links. On the whole these breaches have been confirmed to impact over a billion users on the internet.


Once these hackers have broken the security of a computer or network, they would scan it. Something that would be worth their time, and if they don’t find it here, then they would move on. Once inside, they can change the password or security configuration of the computer. Can install a backdoor or other malicious apps that can help them extend the degree of damage.

That is why it is important to stay secure than sorry by having antimalware systems. Get them installed on your machines. As that way these malicious activities can be detected at an earlier spot. And the whole evil plot of the hackers remain dismantled.


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