Access to SSL banner grabs / IP data

Does anyone know of a company that does the mass scanning of IPv4 space and grabs the SSL cert details and records it against the IP?

I know Censys does this and there is a way to get access to it for a price (still trying to find out how much that will cost), but want to know if there are other companies that do and sell (or give access to) the data.

I am part of a small tech company that would love to have access to the data but, as with all small start ups, money is tight at the moment and we are having a play with a few ideas that may help us out of the starting blocks.

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

EDIT: Before anyone mentions it, if we cannot find a way to access this, we are already thinking of running masscan. The only downside to that is the host we prefer to use (rightly so) limits the pps we can run at.