Antivirus: efficiency or not?

Apparently antiviruses are not as efficient as they claim, at least for the British lab SE Labs. A test they run between April and June 2020 reveals that half of the antiviruses known wouldn’t be able to handle the completeness of the public malware.

Here is the report

Direct link to the Report:

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What did you find most interesting about this data?

Clearly what is interesting is how Microsoft Sentinel (Defender) for consumers scored extremely well. The Antivirus marketplace is packed with tools that at times are worthless.

The article is quite interesting but it’s a pity that SE Labs decided to ignore some antiviruses like BitDefender … after all, it’s not a small one. In 2018 it had 500 million users (according to Wikipedia … although it’s always said not to trust Wikipedia blindly :smirk: ). But you’re right “the Antivirus marketplace is packed with tools that are worthless”.

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