Bitcoin peddles child pornography

Ok sensationalist title but its true - links to CP material found in the blockchain!

Take a look at the article by DigitalTrends:

You are right this is a sensational headline.

However, child sex trafficking is a major problem regardless of crypto-currency or cash. There are several companies that are proactively working to use their cyber-smarts to detect child predators.

What I would like to learn more about is what we can do to detect and respond to these issues to reduce the problems in the first place. Rather than just not addressing the problem will not make it go away.

Does anyone know any open source projects or any companies that are proactively doing something in this space?

#truth, this happen with money wires before. Just adding “bitcoin” to something doesn’t make it new or different, it just makes it hated. I think this isn’t that worthy. <down_vote>

@James_Cabe totally agree.