Case Study Template for Client


I am looking for the case study which tells to client about the work i have done for our respective client, more like a short introduction about my work which I done for client which explain process, challenges, how you have handle project so on.

At the end, I come up with few points to create case study, I dont know, whether these points are pretty much accurate, good enough to explain or not But i have tried to create one, by
doing some information gathering.

So, i am sharing this template here with our group. I hope so, every one like this post, and I hope so this is correct Template.

So Guys please let me know your suggestion and comment if required to do some improvements with points and questions.

Thanks in Advanced

My only comment would be to create this in 3 forms.

  1. Short video 6 mins or less
  2. Written article style
  3. Infographic one pager

This would allow you to use it and engage with potential leads based on how they want to consume the material.