COVID / HMRC domain registrations during the pandemic

I like watching domain registrations - you can see patterns in them, spot the phishing and scammers from afar and it pleases some people to see graphs out of it all (not me - I am a pure CLI lad!).

With the COVID-19 pandemic and, being in the UK, where the government have, like many, stood up schemes to help out businesses and individuals I thought I would watch for related keywords and you can see the ramping up on the part of phishers, scammers and scalpers. Of course there will be some false positives in the results but as a finger in the air test, the graphs are interesting.

Luckily, unlike the pandemic in many places, the registrations seem to be over the peak and starting to drop but still worth watching.

The HMRC registrations weren’t as high as I suspected they would be with registrations between 15 and 50 per week - they were next to nothing compared to the other terms.

There seem to be a lot of people out there taking advantage of the pandemic along with the worry and angst across the globe.

So, here is the week by week break down from Feb 1st (dates at the bottom in dd/mm format):