DreamVision IT and Saint Charles Computer Forensic Group Outreach Goals

Hello All,

My name is Corey Charles and I am the CEO/Founder/Owner of DreamVision IT LLC and Saint Charles Computer Forensic Group. Many years I’ve noticed a huge void in information security and digital forensics. The void is not from a shortage of jobs but a shortage of professionals in the field.

As the local Ambassador of Atlanta and a native of New Orleans, I’m looking to reverse the trend by providing skills in specialized areas of Computer Security and Digital Forensics. I’m assembling a team of professionals that will cover professionals that are in need of mentoring and more exposure in the US and overseas thru an online e-learning program.

The program consists of cross language learning and most importantly the development of skills in IT Security and Digital Forensics. We are looking to drive the traffic of newly formed IT professionals to interact and build knowledge with the Peerlyst community as well. This will assist with filling gaps of knowledge and getting those professionals the recognition needed to succeed in their respective career paths.

The IT field is known as the largest/ smallest field in the world, there are never enough great minds that would help combat the vulnerabilities of IT and more than enough knowledge to empower us all.


Super excited to see your training content posted into the community to help people find work and gain a competitive edge when looking for work.