George Finney Cybersecurity Hacking Humans Live Conversation Part 1

This is a live Conversation between @gfinney and @BenBressington about Cybersecurity Human Behavior, Social Engineering.

This is Part 1 of the conversation. To access Part 2 click here:

About George Finney
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CISO | Professor | Author | Keynote Speaker | Startup Advisor

George is the author of Well Aware Book links below:

Well Aware: Master the Nine Cybersecurity Habits to Protect Your Future

Key Strategies to Safeguard Your Future Well Aware offers a timely take on the leadership issues that businesses face when it comes to the threat of hacking. Finney argues that cybersecurity is not a technology problem; it s a people problem. Cybersecurity should be understood as a series of nine habits that should be mastered literacy, skepticism, vigilance, secrecy, culture, diligence, community, mirroring, and deception drawn from knowledge the author has acquired during two decades of experience in cybersecurity. By implementing these habits and changing our behaviors, we can combat most security problems.

This book examines our security challenges using lessons learned from psychology, neuroscience, history, and economics. Business leaders will learn to harness effective cybersecurity techniques in their businesses as well as their everyday lives.

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More About George

I am a seasoned CyberSecurity executive, leader, and bridge builder responsible for developing and maturing cybersecurity programs. I am an expert in policy, awareness, compliance, operational management and the complex legal issues surrounding security with a talent for building partnerships. I have an extraordinary record of success driving high-value projects, large scale cost savings, transparent communication, and improved productivity.

As Chief Security Officer, I oversee a both cybersecurity as well as physical security finding creative ways to enhance both new and existing protections. I manage all aspects of the security program as well as managing the project managers for all new initiatives and for all managed services.

I have worn many hats throughout my career including; attorney, network architect, professor, writer, innovator, project manager, and strategist. As a result, I have the unique ability to see the big picture and identify the process improvements needed to succeed.

My professional values and eccentricities include:

-Relationships, dialogue, and teamwork – in other words, people – are key to security. A strong and creative team builds a better defense.
-I can learn something from everyone. No one has all the answers.
-The greatest minds aren’t the ones that have the best ideas, they are the ones who ask the best questions.
-Don’t limit yourself to doing only the things you’re passionate about. Bring your passion with you to everything you do.
-Hand written thank-you notes are important, even if you have bad handwriting like me.
-I play for keeps 'cause I might not make it back.
-I been everywhere, still, I’m standing tall.
-I’ve seen a million faces, And I’ve rocked them all.
-I ask for what I want and I find this directness is well received.
-I am a prolific writer; I’ve written short stories, screenplays, and novels.
-I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you would like to talk security, business, or books.