Great News - Capture the Flag Events Coming Soon

Great News for Capture the Flag Events

The team had meetings on Friday with one of our new Capture the Flag (CTF) Event Sponsors.

That’s right as part of the engagement and fun activities within the community we are looking to facilitate monthly (our goal) engagement events. Some of these events will be CTF events.

This means you will have access to the training and how-to guides for these events 24/7 but each month working with our sponsors you will gain access to new fun CTF events.

All participants that play the CTF challenges will unlock community badges, and the winners will be placed on the winner board and receive medals and prizes!

All event moderators and managers will also receive badge unlocks on their profile. Along with the recognition on their CybersecurityQnA profiles.

If you would like to participate in the events please connect with the CybersecurityQnA team.

How you can support these events:

  • Looking for CTF event designers - if you know how to set up and design CTF activities please connect with our team.
  • How-To guide and Trainers - posting how-to guides and instructions on how to hack the box and educational guides. These guides would be for beginners to advanced players.
  • Event Sponsors
  • Prize Sponsors

This is just one of the regular events that will be happening within the community. Stay tuned for more news and event dates.