[Question] Windows Server 2016 R2 is Secure or not as per Security Point of view

While working, I got to asked one Question related to the windows server 2016 as, how much secure is windows server 2016 R2 to be deploy in the organization like Banking and finance sector, as one of client asked me whether uisng windows server 2016 R2 is secure or not, because according to Microsoft CVE database, what ever vulnerability Aries in windows server 2008 R2 and windows server 2012 R2, there is one common vulnerability are still present in the Windows server 2016 R2 like vulnerability for SMB are still there, I request all of you to give your point of view as per the Security aspect, whether deploying windows server 2016 R2 is how much secure and its better option or not for the organization. I need your views and suggestion.