Revisiting Typosquatting And The 2020 US Presidential Election Are You Prepared?

Not sure if you noticed this but cybercriminals are already preparing for their attacks using the upcoming USA Presidential election.

Post from: Digital Shadows

Then they began researching the recent bulletin by the Department of Homeland Security, which warned Internet users of potentially malicious domains related to the United States election. Since the research seemed to be relevant to current reporting, they figured it may be beneficial to update our data to see if the landscape has changed.

Digital Shadows used Shadow Search to identify domains that included the following text within their WHOIS data:

  • Trump
  • Pence
  • Biden
  • Kamala OR Kamala Harris
  • Vote
  • Elect
  • Poll

After collecting the data, they scrubbed through and identified the true positives by gauging the likelihood of the domains being a candidate- or election-related, ending up with 225 potentially malicious domains.

What are you doing to prepare for these types of attacks?

What have you noticed already this year, or in past years?