Supply Chain & Vendor Management Cybersecurity Issues?

Got a complex supply chain?

Or got a supply chain that is frustrating you with compliance headaches?

I’m looking for companies that I can work with to validate our research data.

Right now, we are working on a Vendor Graph. This is where we visually map the connections between your supply chain to identify threats due to connection data or contextual awareness and machine learning predictions.

Our goal is to;

Map your Vendor Supply Chain to detect and understand vulnerabilities within your supply chain before they become incidents.


  • Supply chains are complicated and have many disconnected data points creating vulnerabilities while increasing attack vectors.
  • The ability to understand the domino effect of lateral threat movement within your supply chain is currently impossible.
  • Which of your vendors are most likely to cause security incidents?

My questions are:

  • How are you validating cybersecurity risk from your vendors right now?
  • What data do you wish you would know about your vendors or supply chain risk?
  • Do you want to know which of your vendors are compromised due to leaked credentials? And if they have been remediated within the last 30 days?
  • What factors are important risk red flags about your vendors?

Thanks for sharing your feedback and suggestions. I appreciate it.

Here are some of the updates we have made to this product.

Video Example here:

We can map your entire supply chain and show you those connections.

Right now we can compare your vendors to the known breach database to show you companies that have been exposed or compromised due to a data breach.

We can also show you the employees within the company that have known compromised accounts (leaked credentials on the darkweb)

  • Note the Red, Yellow Green colors of users to show current risks within the system.

We have also connected the company to our Cybersecurity Report Card external vulnerabilities scan for you to see known vulnerabilities. Allowing you to confirm with the company that have or are remediating these.