Tips and Suggestions for starting Email Phishing Campaign

Wanted to start a thread about tips for setting up email phishing campaigns. There are lots of great resources for sending email campaigns. These will be shared in another post.

This post is about email phishing campaign ideas, writing the emails you want to launch.

1. Keep your emails simple and realistic.

One of the things that I like to do is save promotional and markeitng emails that I receive. This allows me to use these emails as realistic templates within a campaign.

What are the emails, subject lines, topics you receive from:

  • Your Accountant?
  • Your Doctor?
  • Shopping emails like Amazon, Target, Bestbuy, etc etc
  • HR Department?
  • Webinar invites?
  • Social media notices, invites, requests
  • Business sites like meetup, eventbrite or others.

2. Look at email you open.

What are the emails that you open? What gets your attention? You can learn a lot from reviewing your email inbox, and how the emails are being filtered. What is opened, what is classified and grouped automatically?

Take a few minutes to review your invite for ideas and inspiration.

3. Simple Call to Action - Time based

I said this as tip one. But keep your emails short, and the call to action should be simple and lerage a time based urgency. Your goal is to get people to click the link, or reply. You are not trying to get them to do 10 things. One simple clear call to action will get you a higher response.

Keep your call to action relevant to the season. Is it tax time? Is there a payroll issue?

What is the reason for the urgency, and why do I need to act now?

How do you write your phishing emails?

Post templates or common resources you use below for your email phishing ideas.