What do you want from Information Security Awareness Training

We have a series of information security training videos which we’ve been offering on subscription basis for a while now. You can see them here: https://whatyouneedtoknow.co.uk/showreel

We’re just finishing off a course/resource which is centred around our Data Protection video. I say course/resource because it’s a video + case studies + scenarios + a checklist + a quiz rather than a typical elearning course.

We’re now getting ready to put together resources/courses as a suite on information security.

We want our courses to be helpful, informative … enjoyable and useful. So, what as a cyber security professional would be the top three things on your wish list for the course?




Are you able to post some of the links to your videos here?

You can embed them into a post. This will help users understand more about your videos and promote conversations within the community.

Hi Ben

Here’s our Data Protection video on YouTube

HI Ben

I put the embed code in an earlier post - but I guess that won’t work. Here’s a link to the YouTube playlist

YouTube Playlist

What I’m really after is not about the videos - as they’re done - but if you had a clean slate, if you could do whatever you wanted, what would be the three things you’d ask for.

best wishes



We make use of the Rich Embed functionality. So that means you just need to insert the URL to the video directly and it will convert it into an embed.

This works for PDF’s, videos, images, links to other sites and the like.

I updated the posts for you.

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