What were you doing on Dec 24th?

Can you even remember what you were doing on December 24th, 2020?

You might have been finishing your last day of work before the Christmas break.

Or you might have been busy shopping to get those last-minute Christmas presents.

Here’s one thing I can guarantee you weren’t doing.

You weren’t thinking about the latest Zero-day hack that exposes your computers to hackers.

So while you’re away from the office enjoying your Christmas vacation, hackers are compromising your computers and stealing your data through the zero-day vulnerability CVE-2020-0986.

Does your current IT team even know about this vulnerability that’s exposing you to ransomware, data theft, or compliance liabilities?

The problem is Windows did not fully patch this zero-day vulnerability. Windows has stated they expect to resolve this issue by January 12th, 2021. However, this creates its own set of problems because your intellectual property is exposed until it’s updated. Plus, we all know the January chaos that occurs when you get back from vacation. It could be months before your IT team patches this vulnerability.

But if you were using the ThreatFortress Protocol, your data and devices are protected. The ThreatFortress Protocol allows you to enjoy your holidays confidently.

That’s right, the ChatFortress team works 24/7 to protect you against cyber-attacks. While you’re busy enjoying life our team uses the ThreatFortress Protocol to protect your company. Giving you the confidence and freedom to focus on what matters most to you. Rather than getting those frustrating calls from I.T. that explains there’s an issue that’s going to hi-jack your life.

Learn more about the ThreatFortress Cybersecurity Protocol at www.CompanyCybersecuritySystem.com