Why the CybersecurityQnA Community?

The team behind CybersecurityQnA is from ChatFortress.com and is committed to improving cybersecurity awareness and education globally.

This forum was created as part of the ChatFortress community outreach and community support program. We noticed the impact that sites like Peerlyst have on the community and with the clousure of that website. The ChatFortress team launched CybersecurityQnA.

It’s our goal that this community will help professionals within the Cybersecurity world create connections, relationships and share their knownledge in new ways.

The cybersecurity landscape is changing every single day. The only way we can combat these threats is by sharing our hard earned knowledge with each other.

It’s our goal that this commnuity becomes one of the channels you use to improve your cybersecurity awareness and education.

This community will always remain free to the world.

The ChatFortress team are provactively implementing programs that will help support and grow this community over the next 12 months. We are working with our partners and our network to increase the support for CybersecurityQnA.com

I appreciate your support and look forward to getting to know you further over the next few weeks.


Benjamin Bressington
ChatFortress CEO
CybersecurityQnA Moderator